"AMS update" April 11td, 2009

Site is not dead, neither am I! Just too busy with real-life issues! Xavier Andreani sent me the .8Xu versions of the AMS, and the missing 1.12 and 1.17 version, it's on the software page!

"Cables updates" October 28td, 2006

I added the electronic circuit for the original TI Graph Link cable on the cables page. Enjoy.

"Software updates" October 22nd, 2006

Many work have been done on the Softwares page, adding mirrors to current applications, new emulator tested, TilEm; this one works with all functions of both TI 83+ and TI 83+SE ! This means no more guessing about the behaviour of a Flash app, and you can also load programs in the same emulator.
Downsides: the program doesn't support multiple ROMs at a time, and the TI 83+ skin is a bit too low in resolution for me. I'll investigate this.

Ads have been repaired (at last !) on the home page, they're here to support the site, if you like it, click them !

Apart from that, some internal optimizations are being done.

"Important note" July 23rd, 2005

Contrary to what some may think, site isn't dead nor abandoned, only on hold because of financial reasons.

"Dead links removal" June 24th, 2005

Having checked the site, dead links have been corrected. Some of them may subsist to indicate a reference, even an obsolete one.

"New link added" May 3rd, 2005

A new site, Fast4ever, has been added to the links page. It features the first ASM tutorial written in Dutch, as far as I know.

"AMS 1.18 added" January 16th, 2005

The AMS version 1.18 has been added to the download page. It gives improved stability when communicating with PC applications, as well as better contrast control. And of course, if you want to add a recent application on your calc, it may be necessary.

"Wrong link updated" November 14th 2004

As signalled by Limmt, TIMoon has merged with Tigen since a couple of weeks. The link page have been updated consequently. Sorry for this delay, and keep on reporting bad links.

"First game in the archive" August 28th 2004

For the school comeback, a first game has been added to the archive. For the time being it is only available in French here, but if you ask for it, there may be a translation appearing in a short time. In Cannabix, you play against another player to make the most money using various cards, which certain of them are interactive.


"IRC channels reorganization" May 31th 2004

Facing a cruel lack of time from my studies + summer job, I dont' have time anymore to manage the site's channel, #ftp83plus. Limmt Ribeman, from, will lead it from now. However, don't take for granted that you can find help anytime day or night, the probability is simply higher.

Nevertheless, I advise you to ask all your important questions on the forum designed on purpose. If you ask for it, the answer will be sent by email.

Also, other IRC channels have been added, according to their main goal. Obviously, nothing stops you from talking about anything with the people you can find there :)

Finally, for convenience, an IRC script have been personalized for each channel/network.


"Linking software update" March 16th 2004

Linking softwares page had been updated to prevent problems due to changes in TI's site. There shouldn't be any more dead links on this page.


"New BCC design" March 15th 2004

I re-designed my BCC cable to be smaller and less vulnerable to transport and manipulations; all electronics now takes place under the DB9 hood. The price remains unchanged.


"Site changes and transfer" September 12th 2003

The hosting service has been paid (late because of financial problems), site transfer will be done during the 12th september night at the latest to minimize trouble. Advertisements will be displayed later.

Concerning the presentation, some changes will be performed: big photos will be reduced to facilitate loading on small connections, but you'll still be able to enlarge them to their orginal size.


"Hosting change and advertisement" August 10th 2003

The site's hosting will be changed in no more than two weeks. I took this decision regarding the worsening quality of Lycos services, making the site as difficult to update than to naviguate (see above notice). On the other hand, since most people are accessing this site from pages inside, they would encounter this giant, very annoying ad on the right.

Two major facts to take in note: the new site's adress will be Don't panic if you've missed the news, old redirectiosn will remain active.

"VTI now supports archive memory !!" June 4, 2003

As most of TI 83+ programmers noticed, this emulator was lacking a functional support for archive memory. Since February 24th (I know it was pretty long, due to my studies...), a 3.0α VTI version has been released which contains this feature. Now you can test your programs with MirageOS without worrying about messing up your calc.
In the few ten's minutes I tried, this version does not have this vicious bug from 2.5β5 version that can make it crash if you tried to apply another skin (This bug was never pointed out as far as I know).
This version is downloadable here or on ticalc's website.

For the rest of the site, some links have been added, and I gave a grade to each TI related link to give you an idea about its quality (I god fed up with dead links and sites..).


"Hardware pages restructuring" March 3, 2003

Following numerous notes about my hardware's page size, I decided to divide it into three parts: the first one became cables page, second part about transfer softwares has been integrated to the software's one, and the last part about memory expansion now makes up (symbolically, considering the assembly doesn't work) the hardware projects page.


"More archive content" February 8, 2003

I added " Release 2" CD content in programs archive, this content is available in a RAR archive and an auto-extractible file, as well as in uncompressed format for other platforms... If anyone can make any archive for Mac, Amiga, Atari, Linux, I hope he can mail me the file, too :-).

TiLP 6, recently released, has been added to the same place as other link programs, on the hardware page.

Another good enhancement, a search engine provided by Picosearch now allows you to search pages on the site containing certain keywords.



"New headings" January  31st, 2003

Two new headings have been added, one about backlighting, the other about decorative painting. The latter is complete, and should not be modified in a near future, but the first one will possibly be possibly updated to take into consideration new techniques in the domain.
The overclock page, that was under construction, is now finished.

By the way, minor mistakes (style, page setup) have been corrected, most of the ASM tutorial's pages have been optimized in size by almost 50%, same with photos without noticeable quality loss. A bonus also have been added in the HTML version of the tutorial.

The new AMS v1.15 has been added on the software's page, and allows you to give TI's keyboard support on your TI, as well as an enhanced CBL2 support.

The official channel, #ftp83plus, has been registered on a much less crowded server than For more information, go to the channel page.

The downloadable programming kit didn't work most of the time because of a missing essential file, TASM80.TAB, which was not present in the official version of the archive. I just corrected the bug, please excuse me for the (very) long delay.

Also, links have been added.


"Major site update" August 22nd, 2002

Some important updates have been made. The hardware section has been updated among other things with a page on the TI 83+SE, email addresses have been fixed, as well as some display bugs. Photos have been retouched (I know they don't show the same address...because of the two redirections..) in weight mainly. I also added a short descriptive link for most of the pictures for text-only browsers.
Also an IRC channel, #ftp83plus, is currently in beta test on

Upcoming in a near future (I hope): purchase of the domain names (no more need for Pop-Up stopper to block the ads!), a complete English port of the ASM tutorial, presentation of a TI 83+SE skin for VTI and, a conversion of PDF documents  in HTML for computers which cannot read this format (School computers, for example)
Also, I HOPE find time to fix all the mess in the Archive section !!!


"New Flash application, Symbolic update, Timer 3ß, PolyRoot v1.2, PrettyPt 0.91" April 23rd, 2002
A new Flash app, Omnicalc, has been released on Detached Solutions' website; it is supposed to enhance widely basic capabilities of the TI 83+, notably by adding functions (More details on Omnicalc's official page).

Symbolic 1.8 id out since March 6th on Detached Solutions' official page, but only from today on my site because of severe computer problems. This time sources are included in the compressed archive file. Bugs have been corrected, see This page. have released 3 apps: the 3rd bêta of Timer, a chronometer, PolyRoot, a polynomial solver up to 10th degree, and PrettyPt, which allows you to display expressions in "Pretty Print" mode, as on TI 89/92/+; use it also in conjunction with the pretty( instruction in Symbolic.
All applications are downloadable on the official page, or in the archive section of my site.


"Site update" February 19th, 2002
Important lack of information had been corrected on the CPU and RAM pages, thanks to the help of NSPIRIT (His site, which has nothing to do with TI 83+ ;-) )

"Symbolic operations on the TI 83+" December 20th, 2001
It is now possible to use symbolic operations on the TI 83+ ! Yeah, that's right, no more need to purchase a TI 89 just for this reason.. Download is available on my site (Archives section) or Detached Solutions' one.


"New AMS version released" December 17th, 2001
1.14 version of TI OS was released yesterday, you can download it on my site (Software section) or on TI's one.

Supposed to ensure compatibility with TI-Connect and the coming TI's apps.


"Target: 83+SE" September 28th, 2001
So, here is my project; I need someone to lend me a 83+SE, which can be helpful to me in the studying of TI 83+ hardware. If all goes well, the hardware page should be enriched with a new page devoted to the TI 83+SE, overall about internal chips.
UPDATED I now own a TI 83+SE, I hope I will have time to get around in a short while...

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