Online chat


    First, you have to remember that the most efficient way to have an answer to your question is to use the forum.
    To quickly exchange ideas however, you can also use the IRC network. Please note that if you don't understand a word of French, please contact PatrickD on the official channel, firlou (#tibasic, #ti) or limmt (#ftp83plus, #ti-moon)
    At last, channels can be deserted due to their manager's heavy schedule.

Channel and server Description  
#ftp83plus ( Official site's channel, however it's no longer lead by the author (cf. may, 31th 2004 news). Nickname :
#tibasic ( Ask for help in TI-BASIC here. Nickname :
#ti ( For general questions concerning your TI 83+/SE. Nickname :
#tigen ( Initially not intended for TI 83+/SE community, you may find some answer to simple and intermediate questions about your machine on TI-Gen's official channel. Nickname :
#ti-moon ('s official channel. Nickname :
#detacheds To get more info concerning development of TI-83+/SE apps directly from the most known team, Detached Solutions. Nickname :

    To connect to these channels, you may want to use Trillian, a simple chat client:

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