Presentation may vary according to supply. Electronic circuit now takes place in the serial plug

Portrait of my prototype :)

Physical specs:

Cable length: about 1m (1.75m with original TI-TI cable plugged in.)
Female DB9 plug*
Female 2.5mm stereo jack

Every cable sold includes technical support by email.

You've lost your TI-TI cable or it doesn't work anymore ? Send a (pleasant) email to Texas Instruments telling them your setbacks. They should normally answer you asking your address to send you a free cable by mail.
The one I got...

*:If your computer has a serial port with a DB9 female plug, you have several choices: ask me to build the cable with a DB9 male plug (Caution: special orders are $2CDN ($1.50US) higher priced), or order me a gender changer for $10CDN (Ok, that's not cheap, but the quality is excellent, unlike male-male cables you can get for the same price.)

Warranty: Cables I sell are tested and certified without building defects. If however the cable I sold is defective or damages your computer, which is highly unlikely to happen, my responsibility will be limited to refund of the cable, excluding transport fees. To send back a defective cable, pack it then address package to sender address. Refund will be sent under discreet envelope upon package receipt.

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