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What I could backup from ticalc.org before their archive service has closed one time for censorship (mixed with some independent developer's programs) Uncensored
Of course. you should check ticalc's archive before to look for the program you want, then here if you can't find it. (By Web)

Important Update !!!
Also available: the complete TI 83+ programs archive from "TiCalc.org Release 2" CD (RAR format / Auto-extractible archive / Uncompressed format)



This archive contains all the programs I made for the TI 83+. They have been tested without problem on my own calculator.
It also contains the most valuable work from other programmers. These programs are normally bug-free.
   Indicated program size is the on-calc one, not the one on the computer. Documentation, source code and archives have their size given on hard disk.
   Most of the source codes can be opened with Notepad or any other simple text editor. Avoid complicated text editors such as Word or StarOffice, they often try to correct the code.








Program group: 13.8KB
Other informations
Complete archive: 10.6KB

Cannabix is a multiplayer game, fun, where two dealers take place. More than 60 maps, 7 game modes, possibility to play against the machine, hidden bonus.






On the TI 83+. kernels (programs that allow you to execute assembly programs) are practically always binded with a shell (user interface)


App Only: 16 384B
Other informations (sources. etc..)
Complete archive: 49.2KB
Add-on programs: 242KB

A kernel/shell in a Flash App. it allows execution of ION programs. plus programs specifically written for this kernel. and compatible BASIC programs. it also contains a bunch of very interesting options.

ION v1.6

ION: 1660B
Other informations

Allows execution of most Asm programs on both the TI 83 and 83+. Also contains features such as battery checking (with the adapted modules).



Other kernels exist, but because they haven't been tested. their effectiveness is not guaranteed. For more information please go to TIcalc.org







Pure algebra




Program: 2.70KB

Some useful maths formulas


Program: 510B

Calculates the three values A², 2AB, B² from the second degree equalities like A²+B². Also solves real quadratic expressions and gives the discriminant. For solving complex quadratic expressions, use Trinôme.8xp
Sorry no English version available.

Graph³ v1.0

App only: 16 384B
Documentation (PDF Format): 16.9KB
Complete archive: 22.8KB

This app allows you to make 3D graphs. There are only a few options, but the most astonishing part of this app is its speed; it can trace graphs faster than on the TI 89 !! However there is a slight inconvenient on the TI 83+SE, the keys sensitivity is a bit high, so it is possible that you may have difficulties to handle this at the beginning.


Application: 16.4KB
Complete archive: 164KB
Documentation (PDF Format): 79.7KB

This app allows you to solve real polynomial expressions up to 10th degree.


Program: 614B
Documentation: 408B

This program allows you to calculate Un programme pour calculer les termes d'une suite définie par récurrence. N'essayez pas de l'éditer sur vBtre Brdinateur Bu sur la calculatrice. Il cBntient des petits caractères qui ne sBnt pas recBnnus par le TI-Graph Link. ni par la calculatrice seule. PBur éditer sur la machine. installez d'abBrd MirageBS. Bu n'impBrte quel autre prBgramme permettant d'accéder aux petits caractères.

Symbolic v1.8

App only: 16 384B
Complete archive: 49.9KB

Symbolic algebra app. It allows you to use some functions like the TI 89/92+App to calculate symbolic expressions.(Symbolic1.2. 1.5. 1.7 are also available upon request)


Program: 1293B
Documentation: 2.24KB

Solves second degree polynomial expression (real and complex), gives the discriminant, the roots, then the extremum of f. Needs ΘDELVAR to avoid leaving undeleted variables.





For all that treats about physics..





Program: 1377B
Documentation: 394B

US edition. Converts imperial measurements in standard metric system, and reversely.


Program: 1684B

Not really a program, but some physics formulas for the physics course in 1ereS. Written by Alexia.




Impconso.8xp et ImpcnsUK.8xp

Program: 249B (US)
Program: 257B (UK)

Converts vehicle's consumption from miles per gallon to L/100km, and reversely. (US edition with 3.785L in a gallon, UK edition with a 4.546L gallon)


Program: 196B

Converts airplane and boat's speed from knots to km/h




THE "X" Files ;)


All the programs that cannot fit into any other category.


App only: 49 152B

Spreadsheet application.

Telnet 83

Main program: 9850B
Documentation: 18.5KB
Other useful files

Allows you to access the internet through the emulation of a VT100 terminal (UNIX). Interesting mainly for the email.

Caution: this program is not intended to use with the TI 83+SE. It won't crash it (you can always exit the program), but it will be unusable.
Porter's email.

Timer v0.91β

Application: 16 384B

Stopwatch application.

Virtual Calc v1.1

App only: 16 384B
Complete pack: 5.32KB
Documentation: 2.85KB
Source code: 7.99KB

Only designed for the TI 83+SE, this app allows you to emulate a second TI 83+ on your TI 83+SE, when you consider only the RAM; in fact, archive memory is shared between the two virtual calculators.
It is also unwise to archive or unarchive a program while the app is active.
How can I use this app ? huh, I don't know, maybe to test some of your programs without risking to delete the "real" RAM.









Module: 128B
Optimized module for Trinôme: 45B

A little module that deletes all the variables from A to Z, and Θ.
Some of my programs use it. As a stand-alone program, use it to solve programming problems which use variables, or after having wrote a program using variables that need to be absent after that, to do a comparative calculus, for example.

Nifty v1.1

App only: 16384B
Documentation: 8.82KB
Complete archive: 14.1KB

Allows you to read formatted texts. The formatted text id entered like a normal program, with the formatting markers.

Pretty Print 0.91

Complete archive: 10.1KB
App only: 16 384B

This application formats equations in "Pretty Print" format to give the the look we have in maths books. Also simplifies when possible.

Catalog Help v1.0

App only: 32 768B

I should have told earlier...with a touch of a button, this app gives you the correct syntax to use with all the tokens in the TI 83+. However, it doesn't give the syntax for the new tokens added by Symbolic, for example.