Credit where deserved:)

About [ftp83+]
   This help file has been ported in HTML by [ftp83+]. Visit my website, and send me feedback. I need it !

This help file is also available in French.

About Jeff Chai
   I'd like to thank several people for helping me understand Asm, for without them, this TI-83 Plus Asm tutorial would never have been possible. First and foremost, I'd like to thank Robert Senser for helping me understand z80 Asm. I came across a TI-83 Plus website of his one day while looking for Asm documents on the Web. He had several Asm program's on the website. He seemed very knowledgeable about z80 Asm. I gave him an e-mail showing my interest in Asm. Before I knew it, I was asking questions left and right. He willingly answered them and thus I started learning Asm. If it were not for him, the only programming language I would be able to program on a TI would be TI-Basic. Thanks Robert!

    Next in line for credit is Jeff Meister. He gave me the moral support for making this help file. Not to mention giving me food at lunch... He's the person who edited this help file for mistakes. And luckily for me, he found a few "dumb" ones. Thanks again.

    Now I'd like to thank You for reading this help file. If it weren't for you guys, why would I be even making this help file=) If you think this tutorial was good, let me know. I'm making another help file (version 3.01). This version will continue off and add on more advanced tutorials, not to mention fix bugs.

    Special thanks to David Brigada for finding an equate error in tutorial 14. If you want to know what happened, I defined B_CALL twice when one of them was supposed to be B_JUMP! Thanks again!

    Finally, I'd like to thank this darn help file creator program for actually working. If you haven't figured out what program I've been using yet, I'm giving you 24 hours to find out...

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